2006 was a productive wiritng year with 2 complete blogellas (a novella presented as a serilised set of texts in any number of parallel streams) started and finished but 2007 has seen 2 started and not a one finished - one is abandoned permanently (I think) and 1 stalled for the simple reason that it insists on turning itself into a sci-fi story in the Ballard mode (I might come back to that one yet).

The second of 2006's blogellas threw up (sic/k) an article that cogitates upon the problems of presenting an episodic text in blog format. The first continues to defy proper indexing. Both are beyond my wit to commit to paper form although e-books are a possible way to monetize them.

Given the definition (parenthesized in para 1 here), and in fact the physical/virtual reality of a blogella it is clearly a difficult task to reconstitute one outside of real-time. To index one is more difficult yet.


Chad and the Wall has an index now although it is intellectually flawed. It is now possible to re-render some of the immediacy of the original experience. It is by no means perfect but I think it works, after a fashion.

I Arrest You is a much more structurally complex prospect however. I continue to work on how to make that work accessible both online and in print. For now the best I can do - and what I have done - is to point the reader to the first of the entries that comprise the work. Be warned though, that this work runs over a period of 4 months (April 28 to July 14th and spans 3 separate web locations. You see the problems?

STOP PRESS. I have recently discovered a hoard of my old IT writings. If you are interested click below