By 2002, when I informally retired from the IT industry, I had produced a small library of White Papers and opinion pieces that had been commissioned while running the id~ds consultancy.

I had thought them lost until November in 2007 when I discovered that the internet archive project (the waybackmachine) has copies of many of them archived for posterity. I have decided to include them here on the new site for completeness and for the curious.


Integrating software into the Corporation

Archiving and backup - a cautionary tale

Engineering and the IT profession

Kiosks - present and future

What's your address?

Workflow and video

JAVA security

JAVA security - an update

A web based way of wrapping

Thin clients and fat servers

The year 2000 - things you might not know

Independent consulting

Organise development in an OO world

Is there Madness in Methods?

Of VPNs and tunneling

Silver threads and golden needles