This page gives an entry into the complex blogella "I Arrest You". The blogella itself has a mainline thread consisting of a series of sequentially written episodes. and two offshoot threads comprised of email messages and notes. The mainline thread entries may or may not have comments appended to them as may the offshoot thread entries.

A reader may start at any point and navigate in whatever manner takes her or his fancy. It is possible thus for the reader to construct the piece and for a re-reader to construct it afresh by ordering its reading differently.

The list of mainline thread episodes below is ordered by the date on which an episode was written or published to the original mainlin blog when first serialised.

Rather than using episode summaries this blogella uses smart episode titles.

A short index of the main character's Hidey Hole can be found here: Hidey Hole Index

A short index of the equally short hoard of writings that live behind the bookshelves can be found here: Behind the bookshelves