Hey Lady, (after Christopher Logue)

Hey, lady.
Yes you.
Do you remember last week
when you said that henceforward we should just be civil to each other?
You remember,
you said it like it had been rehearsed,
which I assume it was.
Just before you stormed off around the corner yelling,
"You're the most selfish person I've ever met".
you do remember,
it was the day after you were so ill,
with a back so bad that you couldn't walk the ten metres to our house
to invite us to dinner.
That's right,
the very next day, when you walked sprightly that same ten metres
to show us your new door knocker.
The same day you let slip that we were only invited to dinner
so that we could admire your new furniture.
That's the one.
The day before you started to ignore me
and rush back into your house whenever you came out
and saw me.
Hoping I hadn't seen you.
I saw you.
So, lady, when does it start?
This being civil?
Don't walk away lady.
Hey, lady