While G has remade herself as a lavender farmer I have concentrated the energies freed up by our downshift in life by writing. Although work as peasant's assistant at The Lavender Way takes up a lot of time I still manage to find time to write.

As Papalaz and Papalazarou I chronicled the first days of a life now lived permanently in exile through his blog and eventually I collected a huge amount of these post modern musings and jottings into a book published by LuLu entitled The Lavender Way (the modem years). You can buy it online from Lulu by following the link in the menu to the left. Undeterred by its signal lack of commercial success I continued to scribble electronically.

Dr Johnson - a world renowned curmudgeon once famously wrote "No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money." (I wonder how much he got for that gem) In that case you can colour me blockhead

I write now because I feel I have to - because I have things to say - because I want to redefine what writing is or can be - it is what I now am. Were there a place on the British passport for occupation mine would read Writer and Peasant's Assistant. Sadly perhaps there is no such information on a British passport anymore - nobody gives a stuff what you do in this day and age - just what you have.

Not writing for money or the hope thereof allows me a freedom that few writers have managed in recent history - a freedom I relish and guard. Not writing for money allows me to pose all my own constraints and to experiment with form and to discover what the online and hypertext forms of writing can support.