D&G - art collectors in a small way

We started collecting art seriously in 1998 and quickly amassed one of the largest collections of Inge Clayton's work in private hands. During this period we became firm friends with Inge and even sat for her. Though separated by half a continent now we still stay in touch. Inge even rings G on a regular basis to advise on astrologically sound times for planting, taking cuttings and harvesting.


Inge Clayton was born in Salzburg and came to England in the 1960s to work as an interior architect and jewellery designer. From 1976 to 1984 she studied collage with Jack Yates, life drawing with John Nicholl at the Camden Arts Centre, and printmaking at St, Albans under Peter Jacques.


When we moved to Crete we discovered the wonderful abstract canvases of John Tierney - an American in Xania. John also became a friend and though short of funds we have still managed to avail ourselves of a couple of his smaller works. I have recently (2007) offered to help John redesign and rebuild his web site once he and his family get settled in their new home.

John Tierney was born in Massachusets and came to Europe first to study in Ireland. After a spell with the peace corps in Africa John travelled the world impecuniously for 4 years before beginning to paiint in 1987. By 1992 he had settled on a life spent half in Oaxaca in Mexico and half in Xania Crete.