Once upon a time two English people gave up all that they had known and moved to Crete.

Expecting nothing save space to think out what it was that they wanted to do with the rest of their lives they settled down to live a rural life in a house built in an olive grove in a beautiful valley in the middle of nowhere.

As their first summer came to an end and winter pressed them indoors circumstances began to force their hands. Months had passed and they were no nearer knowing what this new life would hold for them - or so they thought.

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But little did they know that before this long wet winter was through they would both have new occupations that would have no relationship to what they had done before.

Five years on and much wiser they now run the only organic lavender farm in Crete. They still caretake the olive grove but she is now a farmer and he a peasant worker.

And yet, despite the trials and the hard work, the blisters and the dirt under the formerly perfectly manicured fingernails, they are happier now than ever before.

They are living out their own happily ever after and you can join them in spirit here on the web.

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